Advertising spaces for sales partners and tenants
Our Beauty Coworking is located in a very popular place — Business Center MyHive Palmovka. It is close to the metro and tram stop Palmovka.

Up to 500 people visit our Beauty Coworking every day, including you and your clients. In Beauty Coworking, we have created as many as 11 promotional areas, including beautiful large screens with the ability to project graphic and video advertising, so that you can not only rent a workplace from us, but also be able to rent a promotional area to place your logo / advertising content and increase the number of your customers or buyers of your products.

Up to 70,000 people pass by our Beauty Coworking every day and pass through by car together. That is why we have set up promotional areas not only inside Beauty Coworking, but also outside. Every window of our Beauty Coworking has become a promotional area, which customers passing around MyHive Palmovka or passing next to it will see beautifully.
Inside advertising space
Outside advertising space
Address of our Beauty Coworking: City Prague, District Prague 8 - Palmovka, Voctarova str. 18, Post Code: 180 00
Tram station: Palmovka
Metro: B Palmovka
9:00 — 21:00
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